Ahad, 8 Mei 2011

CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of ‘Playful Kiss’

With the ongoing release of special episodes for ‘Playful Kiss’ via Youtube, the drama has been gaining worldwide attention even after the completion of the drama. American news channel CNN has picked up on the international sensation, and offered to conduct an exclusive review on its success. Main star Kim Hyun Joong will be interviewed for the special coverage, as well as Group EightPublisher Song Byung Joon, and Google Director Seo Hwang Wook.
It was reported that the interviewer will be one of CNN’s main anchors, Anna Core, who will be asking Kim Hyun Joong about the success of ‘Playful Kiss’, as well as his thoughts on acting alongside female lead, Jung So Min.
Additionally, Anna Core will be asking producer Song Byung Joon about his secret know-hows for successful productions. She will also seek informed answers from the Google Director about the impact of the special web episodes.

CNN became greatly interested in ‘Playful Kiss’, ever since the first Youtube special episode received over 520,000 views in just two days after its release.

As of the 5th, the first special episode has received 768,591 views, while the 2nd episode recorded 438,178 hits – totaling to a whopping 1,756,175 views in such a short span of time.
Even the comments replying to ‘Playful Kiss’ episodes alone reached over 3,400 posts. The comments aren’t just made by Korean fans either, as there have been numerous contributions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Youtube has been collaborating with subbing community Viikii in order to respond to the demand of international fans by subbing in various languages.

Song Byung Joon stated, “We were able to realize through the comments and views of the special episodes that even content which is only aired in Korea gain an incredible amount of worldwide fans. It has been very helpful, being able to break the cultural barrier and communicate with, as well as listen to, the responses of our worldwide fans in real-time.”
Lee Wonji, the President of Google Korea, also expressed, “Youtube has become the #1 largest worldwide online video site where, for example, albums of famous Korean artists are revealed first. Many national broadcast producers have already gained interest in Youtube due to the success of ‘Playful Kiss’. Since Youtube will always be open for use, we hope that more national producers take advantage of this global platform.”

The interview will take place at an undisclosed location in Seoul on November 7th. Stay tuned toallkpop for future updates!

Kim Hyun Joong’s kiss scene can’t help Playful Kiss in the ratings battle

Two days ago we reported that Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min would share a romantic moment for MBC’s drama, “Playful Kiss” with a much anticipated kiss scene. Unfortunately, this didn’t help in the drama ratings battle for October 13th as Playful Kiss achieved a ratings of 6.0%. SBS’s Daemul starring Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Soo Kyung, Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Soo Kyung was the victor with ratings of 26.4%. KBS2’s Fugitive: Plan B starring Rain came in at second place with a rating of 15.1%.
Playful Kiss was a bit unlucky, going against the mega popular drama Kim Tak Gu / Baker King and then going against both Fugitive: Plan B and Daemul. Hopefully things will pick up next week as the final episode of Playful Kiss is scheduled to air on October 21st. Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to hold a special event with fans, where he will watch the final episode of the drama along with his fans. The price to attend the event is 10,000 won (around $9) and all of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.

Kim Hyun Joong shaves 3 times a day

MBC Section TV visited the actors of Playful Kiss while they were shooting for their poster.
On this day, Kim Hyun Joong revealed a surprising daily routine. When asked what’s hard about playing a high school student, he said, “I’ve been putting a lot of attention on my facial hair. I shave three times a day. I try hard.”
Kim Hyun Joong said, “I saw the comic (Playful Kiss.) I think my character is a bit full of himself.”

Last Special of ‘Playful Kiss’ revealed through Youtube

MBC’s ‘Playful Kiss‘ came to an end on the 21st of October. The drama went against some tough competition and suffered in the ratings department. Despite that, the show grew a small die-hard fan base and they were quite disappointed to see the show end so soon.

 However, that disappointment was somewhat turned around when there was news stating that Playful Kiss would continue airing via special episodes through video sharing website Youtube. The announcement also mentioned that it will have a different storyline than the TV version!

We have posted the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st specials before, and now the 7th special is released!

This episode is titled ‘Happy Birthday‘, and it will be the last youtube special episode.
Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Since Youtube doesn’t have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television. I believe that the couple will look more natural than on TV. Youtube is a place where netizens of the entire world can share and communicate. I hope ‘Playful Kiss’ can participate in the phenomenon and become an international icon.”

Playful Kiss teases with new still photo

A new still photo (pictured above) from the highly anticipated upcoming drama, Playful Kiss, has recently been released to further tease fans.
One of the main actors, Kim Hyun Joong (playing Baek Seung Jo), can be seen with fellow actress Jung So Min (playing Oh Hani).
All of the members are sporting school uniforms that will also be seen in the drama itself.

Kim Hyun Joong forced to skip “Playful Kiss” PR event in Taiwan

Kim Hyun Joong will not be able to attend his planned activities for Taiwan due to health issues from being overworked. The singer/actor was to visit Taiwan for a “Playful Kiss” PR event on December 26th.
A representative of his agency spoke with TV Daily and further revealed, “Unfortunately, Kim Hyun Joong is not in good health lately, leading us to cancel his schedule in Taiwan. It seems like his body has not been able to keep up with his busy overseas schedules. Although the event wasn’t confirmed, he’s still very disappointed with the decision. Since good health is a priority, he will be resting for the time being. It is not anything serious, so fans need not worry.”
Taiwanese reporters released positive statements on the issue such as, “Kim Hyun Joong is feeling sorry for his Taiwanese fans that have waited for the event,” and “Kim Hyun Joong did not forget to take care of his fans by sending personally autographed photobooks.”

Lee Si Young becomes a rival in ‘Playful Kiss’

Along with the promising cast of SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, and Lee Tae Sung, it was announced and confirmed that Lee Si Young would be joining the cast.
She’s going to be playing a girl named Yoon Hye Ra, a girl with great beauty and lots of brains. She’s also the vice president of the tennis club, something that she has a lot of passion for. Lee Si Young (Yoon Hye Ra) will also play as the rival of Jung So Min.
A representative from the drama’s agency stated, “We’re aware that Lee Si Young is extremely talented in acting, and we’re confident that she is going to be very successful.”